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Effortless Playable Ads!

Our platform transforms your game's APK into interactive ads within minutes, capturing real app experiences and captivating users.

How it Works

An APK is the file format that empowers the distribution and installation of Android applications. With instantPlayable, you can showcase the real essence of your app, engaging users from the first impression.

Our groundbreaking technology, 3DPipe, plays a crucial role in this transformation. It leverages revolutionary graphics command streaming, allowing users to experience your app without the need for extensive downloads. This innovation ensures compatibility with any Android application, whether it's a casual game or a sophisticated application.

Curious about how 3DPipe achieves this feat? Delve into our detailed explanation.

APK to Ads in 3 Steps with Magic NoCode

1. Upload Game APK

2. Customize Ad Settings

3. Generate and Distribute

Produce files for ad networks and monitor performance effortlessly.

Seamless Mainstream Ad Network Distribution

instantPlayable integrates with major mobile gaming ad platforms, maximizing distribution potential

+ Plug & Play Support for Mintegral, AppLovin

+ Optimized Rendering for All Devices

+ Real-Time Tracking and Reporting

Real Gameplay, Real Results

instantPlayable converts users 6X more effectively

+ 4 to 5X higher click-through rates

+ 10X longer engagement

+ Over 6X increased install rates

Authentic Gameplay First!

instantPlayable introduces a new approach, unlocking instantly playable ads that showcase genuine gameplay. No more static images, interactive videos, or fake html5 mini-games.

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